Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy outlines the way this website ( and related systems used by WFS Technologies Ltd process, store and protect user data and information.

Information about you

Why we collect your information

The information you provide to WFS Technologies Ltd is used in different ways depending on your interactions with the website. Visitors may sign up to our mailing list, register for more information relating to a product, or submit an enquiry. In these instances, the information you provide allows us to contact you about further product development information or information about WFS Technologies Ltd and the work we are doing, or respond providing you with product information or information relating to your enquiry.

In most cases, personally identifying information is stored on WFS Technologies servers within the UK. However, WFS Technologies does use third-party companies to enhance the quality, service and functionality.

The third party companies we use are:

  • Salesforce – Customer Relationship Management software
  • Microsoft Outlook

WFS Technologies remains responsible for the information stored with third-party services and will comply with requirements to ensure it is kept securely.

Contact us

Whether it’s replacing a faulty temperature sensor hundreds of metres below the sea, or the real-time monitoring of a floating turbine platform for fatigue, get in touch with us with your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.