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Engineering A Smarter Planet & Optimizing Ocean Health 

A Safe & Reliable Wireless Solution

Only Transmission Across Water-Air Boundary Adds Flexibility

Automate Monitoring of Sea Conditions for Better Results

What if you could transmit data through the water-air boundary?

Our technology makes underwater data collection viable and creates new monitoring opportunities.


CSignum enables frequent and automated data transmissions of temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, flow, currents, nutrients and sea levels in a safe, reliable way that doesn’t affect marine life.


CSignum enables precision aquaculture for offshore fish farming, providing farmers a way to automate and process data across multiple fish pens and increase the reliability, efficiency, safety, and sustainability of fish production.

Subsea Structures

Offshore wind farm and oil and gas operators now have a wireless solution that monitors fatigue, corrosion, strain, pressure, temperature and currents in turbid, choppy, ambient light and biofouled environments.

From the desk of our CEO…

“Technology is changing faster than ever to adapt to the world’s challenges. CSignum transmits automated, digitized data dynamically when and where it needs to be. Armed with dynamic readings, our customers can make data-driven decisions for any situation they encounter — whether that means structural integrity of an offshore platform, preventing harmful algae blooms, improving ocean observing or optimizing the health and sustainability of fish farming.”

Chris Brooks, CEO 


To engineer a smarter planet by optimizing ocean health for the sustainable use by all.


Global leader in smart communications solutions, digitization of subsea assets, and actionable insights for ocean industries.


Provide dynamic transmissions for ocean monitoring, enable data driven environmental management and accelerate sustainable ocean development.