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BATHGATE, SCOTLAND – February 01, 2022 – CSignum Ltd., the global innovator in wireless underwater communications, asset digitization, and actionable insights for ocean and freshwater industries, today announced Mark Rhodes as Chief Technical Officer. Mark joins the startup at a critical point in its development as it finalizes design, testing and go-to-market for the EM-1 modem, the first reliable point-to-point wireless underwater communications system that enables the transmission of data through the water-air boundary. CSignum’s patented communication, monitoring and navigational platform and solution is designed to help the underwater observing, water quality, offshore wind, oil and gas, and aquaculture industries scale to deliver data wherever it needs to be in adverse conditions.

A former founding employee and VP Technology for WFS Technologies (whose IP was acquired by CSignum), Mark was the author of over 40 revolutionary patents associated with underwater radio technology and its antenna design.  He joins CSignum from SKF Ltd. Conditioning Monitoring, the world’s leading bearing manufacturer. As SKF’s wireless sensor Technical Lead, he was responsible for designing sensor systems that gathered vibration conditioning monitoring data and implemented embedded software for front-end processing before data is transferred to the cloud for real-time bearing condition diagnosis.

CSignum is delighted to welcome Mark as the engineering architect of CSignum’s breakthrough technologies. Mark’s broad technical acumen — from electronics hardware and mechanical engineering, to embedded firmware, software supporting data communications, IoS app development and web interfaces, to signal analysis condition monitoring – provides us with the skill set to optimize our technology and bring it to market successfully.

Mark has a long history of leading technology advancements on land as well as underwater. Additional projects at SKF included a new remote condition monitoring product for the rail industry. This IoT application, used by railroad operators worldwide, captures vibration data from robust, long-term battery-powered sensors on a railway wheel and relays that data by cellular data link to a cloud analysis system based on Amazon Web Services. In addition, Mark has worked with BAE Systems on microwave receivers and transmitters, Agilent Technologies as Senior R&D Engineer to design Ethernet and Fibre Optic over SONET/SDH systems, as well as stints at Motorola, and GEC-Marconi. He holds a Bachelors Science with honors in Physics from the University of Bath.

Mark Rhodes – Chief Technical Officer

“I’m excited to be back where I started with the innovation of wireless signaling across the water-air boundary and to bring it to market as the EM-1 Modem,” said Mark. “This will be just the start of the innovations possible with the EM-1 platform, which provides a building block approach to developing standardized CSignum solutions rapidly to meet the digitization needs of our customers.”

About CSignum, Ltd.

CSignum is the only wireless communications provider that enables the first automatic and reliable transmission of data through and across the water-air boundary, water column, seabed and underwater structures using EM-1 technology. Our patented communication, monitoring and navigational platform and solutions help aquaculture, freshwater, ocean observing, offshore wind, and oil and gas industries automate and reliably transmit data as they digitally transform and scale remote communications systems for greater sustainability, increased performance, and preparedness for unforeseen events.

CSignum was founded in 2020 to engineer a smarter planet by optimizing ocean and freshwater health for the sustainable use by all. The company is headquartered in Bathgate, Scotland.

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