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Automated Monitoring of Sea Conditions for Better Results

Subsea Structures 

CSignum is the only provider of ruggedized HydroFi Modems for Wind Farm and Oil &Gas structures that can be retrofitted into current installations to replace fault-prone cables with wireless links. HydroFi Modems continuously and reliably monitor fatigue, corrosion, strain, pressure, temperature, and currents automatically in adverse environments across the water-air boundary.

Subsea Structures Landing Page

The Challenge

A growing demand for digitized data.

The Solution

A viable new transmission method.

Subsea Structures Use Cases

The HydroFi Modem – Wind Energy and HydroFi Modem- Oil&Gas are ideal for subsea applications common to the operations and construction of wind farms, oil and gas pipelines and structures, and port and harbor infrastructures.