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Automated Monitoring of Sea Conditions for Better Results

Subsea Structures 

CSignum is the only provider of ruggedized HydroFi Modems for Wind Farm and Oil &Gas structures that can be retrofitted into current installations to replace fault-prone cables with wireless links. HydroFi Modems continuously and reliably monitor fatigue, corrosion, strain, pressure, temperature, and currents automatically in adverse environments across the water-air boundary.

Subsea Structures Landing Page

The Challenge

A growing demand for digitized data.

The Solution

A viable new transmission method.

Subsea Structures Use Cases

The HydroFi Modem – Wind Energy and HydroFi Modem- Oil&Gas are ideal for subsea applications common to the operations and construction of wind farms, oil and gas pipelines and structures, and port and harbor infrastructures.

Subsea Structures Landing Page

CSignum is the only wireless communications provider that enables transmission of data through the water-air boundary, water column, seabed and subsea structures using HydroFi technology.

Modernizing infrastructures

Digitizing data

Driving smart business decisions

Extending asset life