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Our Products and Technology

CSignum HydroFi Modems overcome the limitations of acoustic, optical and cabled subsea communications with new wireless solutions that automate and reliably transmit dynamic data as needed subsea, sea-to-air and/or air-to-sea. As a result of innovative HydroFi technology, ocean industries can now optimize operations and connect “first mile” subsea data with last mile WiFi signals for an end-to-end digital infrastructure that enables them to respond quickly to change.

Our Products and Technology
Our Products and Technology

CSignum is the only wireless communications provider that enables transmission of data through the water-air boundary, water column, seabed and subsea structures using HydroFi technology.

Modernizing infrastructures

Digitizing data

Driving smart business decisions

Extending asset life

HydroFi Modem

What It Does

Ideal for splash zone and shallow waters, where adverse conditions exist, HydroFi (HyFi) Modems are designed to pair with underwater sensing systems and wirelessly transmit data from the sensing system to a receiver above the waterline. The HyFi Modem is compatible with multiparameter sondes and ADCPs using industry standard interfaces. The subsea sensing system is programmed to wake up the HyFi Modem to pass data packets to a topside receiver which connects to a cellular or SATCOM network to deliver data to the operator’s desktop.  The HyFi Modem enables sensor to shore, real-time data transmission for deployments where cables cannot be used.

Our Products and Technology

Its Value Over Existing Solutions

HydroFi Modems work in existing heterogeneous environments to overcome the limitations of cable, acoustic and optical technologies and provide reliable data transmissions across the water-air boundary, adding flexibility for deploying and moving equipment easily between different monitoring points.

  • Cables can snag and often fail due to repeated stresses from wave motion.
  • Acoustic signals cannot cross the water-air boundary and have difficulty transmitting signals in shallow water, degrade in turbid or choppy water, and may affect marine life.
  • Optical solutions are subject to marine growth on the units and don’t work well in tidal seawater or water that is turbid or choppy, where light is ambient or where line-of-sight is limited or non-existent.

Benefits of HydroFi Wireless Technology