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Seatooth® Mark IV

Seatooth® is the latest product in the WFS portfolio of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) smart devices. It combines WFS patented radio-wireless technology with powerful built-in processing power and user friendly software interface. Seatooth is a device with multiple capabilities and can be configured as a smart sensor, multiplexer, datalogger, modem or controller.

Seatooth® SmartClamp

Seatooth® SmartClamp is one of the latest generation of WFS Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices. SmartClamp is a smart, wireless Structural Monitoring System (SMS) for use on subsea structures.

Seatooth® SmartLogger

Seatooth® SmartLogger is a smart, wireless subsea pipeline integrity and flow monitoring system. The SmartLogger incorporates the Seatooth wireless data processing and transmission platform offering short, medium and long-range Hybrid communication options.

Seatooth® SmartShackle

Seatooth® SmartShackle is a smart wireless subsea load monitoring shackle. Easily configurable the SmartShackle enables remote monitoring of load in subsea mooring applications and can be sized according to the application.


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