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Seatooth® Mark IV

Seatooth Mark IV is the latest product in the CSignum portfolio of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) smart devices. It combines CSignum patented radio-wireless technology with powerful built-in processing power and user friendly software interface. Seatooth is a device with multiple capabilities and can be configured as a smart sensor, multiplexer, datalogger, modem or controller.

Multiple Seatooth products can be installed subsea to create a wire-less network, transmitting information from any point through the air/water boundary to the topside receiver. Additional Seatooth devices can be added the network at any time expanding the real-time information available.

We are the only company in the world to offer the capability to transmit data through the water/ air boundary and splash zones.

Key benefits

Radio wireless performance unaffected by biofouling, turbidity, environmental noise in the water column
Wireless communications through water, air, ground, concrete, steel and ice
Ease of installation and integration with multiple sensors
Multiple configuration options and programmable user parameters via the software interface
Up to 30 years battery life

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