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A Safe & Reliable Wireless Solution

Only Transmission Across Water-Air Boundary Adds Flexibility

Automate Monitoring of Sea Conditions for Better Results

Our flagship product – HydroFi Modem

CSignum are attending Ocean Business in 2023 to launch the HydroFi Modem, collaborate with operators, service providers and technology leaders across ocean industries, and enhance our understanding of underwater wireless communication needs. 


The Team Attending 

Chris Brooks
Ocean Business 2023


Stefan Videv
Ocean Business 2023

Chief Innovations Officer

David Leslie


How can HydroFi Help me?


CSignum enables frequent and automated data transmissions of temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, flow, currents, nutrients and sea levels in a safe, reliable way that doesn’t affect marine life.


CSignum enables precision aquaculture for offshore fish farming, providing farmers a way to automate and process data across multiple fish pens and increase the reliability, efficiency, safety, and sustainability of fish production.

Subsea Structures

Offshore wind farm and oil and gas operators now have a wireless solution that monitors fatigue, corrosion, strain, pressure, temperature and currents in turbid, choppy, ambient light and biofouled environments.

Datasheet Download

HydroFi_modem_2023 _with logo

HydroFi Modem Datasheet

Let’s Chat

Our team can’t wait to learn about how our technology might be able to help you. Why not get in touch with us and arrange to meet with one of our team at Ocean Business.