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Engineering a Smarter Planet


CSignum HydroFi Modems overcome the limitations of acoustic, optical and cabled subsea communications with new wireless solutions that automate and reliably transmit dynamic data as needed subsea, and bi-directionally through the water-air boundary. As a result of innovative HydroFi technology, ocean industries can now optimize operations and connect “first mile” subsea data with last mile WiFi signals for an end-to-end digital infrastructure that enables them to respond quickly to change.

Setup Instructions

  1. HydroFi performance is unaffected by biofouling, turbidity or environmental noise in the water column
  2. Ease of installation and integration with multiple sensor packs, such as multiparameter sonde and ADCP
  3. Avoids adverse effects on aquatic life that can be caused by acoustic systems
  4. Two-way communication available with first version with multi-point connectivity and relay networks planned in technology roadmap

What is inside

Depth Rating Current Standard: 250m (820ft)
Comms Band Rate200bps
Data InterfaceRS-232
9.95kg (21.9lbs)



User Manual 

Benefits of HydroFi Wireless Technology