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A Safe & Reliable Wireless Solution

The Solution

A viable new transmission method

Ocean monitoring requires a new digitized and wireless communications solution that can be added to existing networks and works with standard sensors connected to buoys, platforms and structures that are, above or below the water. Often operating in adverse environments, the solution must transmit data on ocean temperatures, salinity, dissolved oxygen levels, flow, currents, nutrients, and sea levels in a safe, reliable way that doesn’t affect marine life.

The solution must be automated, rugged, easy to deploy and retrieve, operate at low power levels with extended battery life, and enable reliable and frequent transmissions of data through the seabed, structures, water column and across the water-air boundary. Because ocean observing requires international collaboration across governmental agencies, any wireless solution must be standardized to be cost-efficient and work anywhere.


  • The HydroFi Modem (HyFi Modem) is sustainably designed to provide a safer, less expensive and more reliable remote transmission method than fault-prone cables that can snap in rough seas and acoustic solutions that may affect marine life; providing unobstructed data transmissions up and down the water column and across the water-air boundary.