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Automated Monitoring of Sea Conditions for Heathier Stocks

Aquaculture Monitoring 

CSignum’s HydroFi Modem (HyFi Modem) provides near real-time data that is transmitted wirelessly and automatically on a wider scale than has ever been possible before. The HyFi Modem is ideal for virtually any deployment as it works with standard sensor, communication and electrical interfaces, as well as any subsea, and bi-directionally through the water-air boundary application.

Aquaculture Monitoring Landing Page

The Challenge

Monitoring delays damage stock health.

The Solution

A viable new transmission method.

Aquaculture Use Cases

The HydroFi Modem-Aquaculture (HyFi Modem) is easy to deploy. Simply secure a sensor and modem to a mooring line or the side of a fish pen at a depth of 5-10m.