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Automated Monitoring of Sea Conditions for Heathier Stocks

Aquaculture Use Cases

The HydroFi Modem-Aquaculture (HyFi Modem) is easy to deploy. Simply secure a sensor and modem to a mooring line or the side of a fish pen at a depth of 5-10m. The receiver is then attached to the above water structure of the pen or the pontoon.

Aquaculture Monitoring Uses Cases

Efficient Fish Feeding

Farmers’ feed represents up to 50% of their total expenses. Finnicky fish require certain water temperatures and salinity to feed properly. With the HyFi Modem, farmers can automatically monitor water conditions in real time, ensuring conditions are perfect across each stage of the stock’s development, feed is efficiently used and fish remain healthy.

Aquaculture Monitoring Uses Cases

Harmful Algae Blooms

HABs reduce oxygen levels in the water and kill fish. By using he HyFi Modem – essentially a real time and automated water quality monitoring system – farmers can spot reductions in dissolved oxygen levels and take action by pumping air into the water to mitigate HAB effects.


  • The HyFi Modem is easy to deploy and gets rid of manual and limited testing currently done by people in boats. The HyFi Modem enables the automated monitoring of sea water temperature, salinity, current and harmful algae concentrations across more locations, providing early warning alerts to changes in the water to reduce incident-based fish mortality.