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Automated Monitoring of Sea Conditions for Heathier Stocks

The Solution

A viable new transmission method

CSignum enables a wireless solution fish farms can add easily into existing sites without impacting operations. The HyFi Modem-A is easy to deploy and the wireless transmitters and receivers can be moved around the nets as needed, offering farmers a way to automate the process across multiple locations and send the data more frequently from below the water to a topside relay unit directly to a central location.

Farmers can now better manage the optimal conditions for the health and feeding of fish, reduce maintenance cost and risk, save money on feed, produce better margins and ensure a reliable supply of superior, sustainably-farmed product to the public.

Automatically monitoring dissolved oxygen levels, water temperatures, current and harmful algae concentrations solves three pain points for the fish farmer:

Raising the chances all nets will develop optimally

Using the exact amount of feed at the exact time fish are ready to eat

Monitoring when water conditions are ideal for finnicky fish to feed


  • The HyFi Modem is easy to deploy and gets rid of manual and limited testing currently done by people in boats. The HyFi Modem enables the automated monitoring of sea water temperature, salinity, current and harmful algae concentrations across more locations, providing early warning alerts to changes in the water to reduce incident-based fish mortality.