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Automated Monitoring of Sea Conditions for Heathier Stocks

The Challenge

Monitoring delays damage stock health

Marine fish farms are shallow water environments that experience highly dynamic conditions; which can negatively impact stock development. Undetected environmental changes can adversely affect stock health or result in suboptimal growth. Additionally, fish food accounts for up to 50% of a farmer’s operating expense, making its efficient use imperative to improve returns, as margins are tight.

If farmers could monitor conditions automatically at multiple locations across the pens, they could optimise operations and improve stock health. The use of such technology is increasing; however adoption varies greatly across fish farms. Some operators still practice more infrequent, labour-intensive means to collect data by dropping wired probes into the water from boats in limited locations, then returning to shore to manually input the resulting data. These delays can be costly.


  • The HyFi Modem is easy to deploy and makes it easier than ever for operators to move away from labour intensive monitoring and toward a more automated monitoring method.  The HyFi Modem enables the automated monitoring of sea water temperature, salinity, current and harmful algae concentrations across more locations, providing early warning alerts to changes in the water to reduce incident-based fish mortality.